Semiregular link roundup

Comcast sued by customers for turning routers into public hotspots One will have to admit, this was very clever.  Unfortunately, people do not like sneaky business practices.  I do have to wonder... does the bandwidth used by this second hot spot count towards the subscriber's bandwidth? Surprise! The GOP Closed the Gender Gap From 2012,... Continue Reading →

Not Quite Dead

I am not one to beat a dead horse as I prefer to talk about topics that are fresh. One such topics is the Gruber scandal. Wait... was that a twitch? Well, get me a stick; there's some more beating to do. Before I continue, allow me to state that this is not a defence... Continue Reading →

Semiregular link roundup

Pope Francis Critics Cite Conclave Conspiracy To Question His Papacy Looks like conspiracy theories are a thing within Catholicism as well.  Given how Pope Francis is pointing out that greed is still one of the seven deadly sins and that people should be tolerant of others, I guess it was only a matter of time.... Continue Reading →

Merry (War on) Christmas

Merry Christmas! There, I did it. They will be here to take me away soon. Actually, they probably be here soon (with a nice snug white coat) but not for the reason given to us by the talking heads on Fox. It is that time of year again. Just like sending fruitcake to unsuspecting relatives,... Continue Reading →

Ferguson, New York, and Racism

Are conservatives racist? When I went to start this article, that is the question that I was going to attempt to answer. At first, I was going to question if the above question is even fair to ask. After all, the events unfolding in Ferguson and New York seem to suggest that even if the question... Continue Reading →

Semiregular link roundup

On Trayvon, Ferguson and Eric Garner The author of the article touches on how one day a person could be the champion of the people and the next, he could be public enemy number one.  What I find interesting is how it relates to an inherent human trait, confirmation bias. Seven Reasons Police Brutality Is... Continue Reading →

Take two

Welcome to "My Corner to Vent II." In case you are wondering, there was a first version. I decided to make it private. Yes, I am taking the sniveling coward approach. Feel free to mock and criticize me for this. How often do you see that in an opening post? On that note, I would... Continue Reading →

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