Ferguson, New York, and Racism

Are conservatives racist?

When I went to start this article, that is the question that I was going to attempt to answer. At first, I was going to question if the above question is even fair to ask. After all, the events unfolding in Ferguson and New York seem to suggest that even if the question is not fair to ask, it is one that needs to be asked.

If one watches the mainstream media outlets, the left is doing their best to paint the police and conservatives as racist. The right is responding with the same response that our toddler gives when asked about the status of his diaper, “Not me!”

As I finished up that version of this article, I assumed the position that we now call “the classic face palm.” This was not because I thought I was wrong. It was because I had just finished the visual aid before realizing the question was too narrowly framed.

We should not concentrate our attentions on only the perceived racism of police or conservatives. We should concentrate our attention on the topic of racism in general. I think the following Venn diagram summarizes the demographics.

Yay! I salvaged my visual aid.

I would like to note that the accuracy of this diagram is as accurate as Picasso’s representation of the world. The relevant parts and pieces are there but their size and locations are points worthy of debate. From this diagram, my points are the following…

  • Racism still exists.
  • Racism is not limited to just conservatives.
  • One’s ideology is not necessarily an indication of racism.
  • The love of bacon transcends ideology.

To this day, groups such as KKK and Stormfront are still in existence. Clearly, this shows that racism has not gone away. Not only that, there are organizations such as Nation of Islam which are essentially equivalent. I think one would be hard pressed to make the argument that the Nation of Islam leans conservative.

Ideologies are systems of ideas and ideals.  They are the friction-less plane of political thought.  They help idealistic students in understanding concepts before allowing them to be overwhelmed by reality. Unless the ideology is explicitly built upon racism, one cannot make a reliable generalization about its believers.

I am not attempting to argue that any claims of racism in the cases in Ferguson and New York are not valid.  There are legitimate issues in these cases that do need to be discussed and debated.  On the other hand, there is a bigger picture that one needs to keep in mind.

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