Semiregular link roundup

On Trayvon, Ferguson and Eric Garner

The author of the article touches on how one day a person could be the champion of the people and the next, he could be public enemy number one.  What I find interesting is how it relates to an inherent human trait, confirmation bias.

Seven Reasons Police Brutality Is Systemic, Not Anecdotal

The author of this article brings up some good points about the state of the police in this country.

Pro-Hillary Group: She’s Not Rich, She’s You

If you believe this, I have property in Arkansas to sell you.

Jon Stewart Has A Question For Rand Paul: ‘What The F**k Are You Talking About?’

Why does it have to take a comedian to point out these things?

Former Indiana deputy gets 14 months in prison in excessive force case

Sometimes bad cops are held accountable for their crimes.  I would like to note that it took a federal trial for this to happen.

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