Semiregular link roundup

Pope Francis Critics Cite Conclave Conspiracy To Question His Papacy

Looks like conspiracy theories are a thing within Catholicism as well.  Given how Pope Francis is pointing out that greed is still one of the seven deadly sins and that people should be tolerant of others, I guess it was only a matter of time.

 Indiana attorney general turns down Gov. Pence’s immigration suit

I agree with Zoeller on this one point.  The best way to address the issue of immigration is to go through Congress first.

 Breaking: Michigan House Passes Religious ‘License To Discriminate’ Bill

Even though the government should not be granting special protections to certain classes of people, government should not being passing laws that effectively allows one to be able to force one’s religion on another person.

 Celebrity plane crashes draw special scrutiny from the NTSB

And the sky is blue…

WARNING: Facebook Is Trying To Get You To Friend Your One-Night Stands

When does the amount of information that private business collect on us becomes too creepy?  One should note that neither the government nor the police needs to get a warrant to look at this data.

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