Not Quite Dead

I am not one to beat a dead horse as I prefer to talk about topics that are fresh. One such topics is the Gruber scandal. Wait… was that a twitch? Well, get me a stick; there’s some more beating to do.

BeatDeadHorseBefore I continue, allow me to state that this is not a defence of Gruber. Gruber said what he said and there is no denying that fact. In my opinion, the vilification that he has received from the angry pitchfork wielding mob on the Internet was deserved.

Now that most of the chest beating and outrage is over, one should take a critical look at the message behind his statement. It seems that the underlying message is that if it was not for ignorance and lack of information, certain aspects of Obamacare would not have been able to pass.

When I saw Gruber’s remark and the outrage that it sparked, I thought to myself “fascinating” in the best Spock impersonation that I could muster. One of the common themes in conservative talking points during the last 4-5 years was that of the “low information voter.” Despite of its increasingly common use as a pejorative to describe those who vote for Democrats, the term describes voters who who base their decisions on incomplete data.

From my point of view, what Gruber was describing was “low information voters” albeit in an offensive manner. In a strange and twisted way, one can say that Gruber supports what many conservative pundits have been saying all along.

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