Semiregular link roundup

Comcast sued by customers for turning routers into public hotspots

One will have to admit, this was very clever.  Unfortunately, people do not like sneaky business practices.  I do have to wonder… does the bandwidth used by this second hot spot count towards the subscriber’s bandwidth?

Surprise! The GOP Closed the Gender Gap

From 2012, it was pretty clear that the GOP was going to need to reign in the loose cannons who did not know when to shut up about certain subjects.  Fortunately for them, someone was paying attention.

SCOTUS Rules Workers Don’t Need To Be Paid for All Their Time Working

No evidence of partisanship here as it was a 9-0 decision.  It would appear that an employer can require someone to be present for a job and not be paid for it.

 Top Scientists To Media: Stop Using ‘Skeptic’ To Describe Climate Science Deniers

What this article describes is true about skepticism.  However, I would like to add that the declaration that the science is settled is not scientific.  A true skeptic would be willing to acknowledge that it may be possible that humans are not having the impact as we currently believe.

Rick Perry: Presidential Campaign’s ‘Not an IQ Test’

Obviously this is true because if it wasn’t we wouldn’t be seeing the quality of politicians that we are having to endure.

Everything You Thought You Knew About Bulk Shopping Is Wrong

Just to let you know, buying that 10# jar of peanut butter might not be the best option.

Gloriously NSFW Art Book Examines The Beauty Of Female Pubic Hair


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