Scott Walker and conservativism

Many on the right will claim that Scott Walker is the conservative that this country needs for leadership.  While he might be a conservative, he certainly not one who would stand up to special interests.  To see this, one only needs to look at his stance on the stadium deal for the Milwaukee Bucks.  To... Continue Reading →

Good cops doing good things

The problem with the news media these days is that they constantly concentrate on the negative.  Whenever a cop shoots someone (especially if the person was black), it is fully covered in great detail.  What rarely gets covered is the good cops doing their job and doing good in their communities. There was a recent... Continue Reading →

Dolezal, Jenner, and a very good question

If anyone says that we do not live in an interesting world is clearly not paying attention.  The latest big distraction comes from the state of Washington.  The president of the NAACP in Spokane has been revealed to have been exaggerating her racial identity.  Understandably, there are some that are upset.  She lied about who... Continue Reading →

Windows 10

You know a software product is really bad (Windows 8) when Microsoft not only chooses to skip a version number, they also give a free upgrade.  🙂

Courage? I call bull snot!

So it seems that the latest news that we need to concern ourselves about is how Bruce Jenner has turned into Caitlin (assuming that it is his legal name).  Oh no, the shenanigans in DC are not of any concern.  Certainly, the NSA spying on everybody is not important.  The president secretly negotiating a trade... Continue Reading →

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