Courage? I call bull snot!

So it seems that the latest news that we need to concern ourselves about is how Bruce Jenner has turned into Caitlin (assuming that it is his legal name).  Oh no, the shenanigans in DC are not of any concern.  Certainly, the NSA spying on everybody is not important.  The president secretly negotiating a trade deal to ship our jobs to other countries?  Shhhh…. we don’t talk bad about Mr. Hope & Change.

You know what?  I’m going to just say to hell with political correctness and call bull snot.  Jenner turning himself into a woman is not courage.  Courage is a soldier going into a combat zone.  Courage is a victim of domestic violence breaking free of an abuser.  Courage is a fire fighter rushing into a burning building to save someone life.  Courage is not somebody who does not like their body and mutilating it.

That is exactly what Jenner has done.  He decided that he was not happy with being born a male and mutilated his body to become a woman.  Really?  That is something that is deserving of our attention?  This is someone who we should hold as a role model?  I am sorry but I am going to have to disagree.

Of course, the media is shoving this down our throats because well, it is one of those bread and circus things that distract us from the real issues of the day.  It is yet another thing to get us bickering with each other while our so-called leaders in DC find more ways to enrich themselves and their cronies.  From the looks of it, Mission Accomplished.

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  1. The courage aspect is deciding to do it in full view of the public as a way to show that regular people go through this, even athletes. I’ve known a number of trans people, and every one made the transition as privately as possible because people treated them unkindly out of ignorance. Most lost their jobs over it.
    It’s a genuine psychological diagnosis, not just “not liking your body”. 18 year-olds getting boob jobs is “not liking your body”.

    Listing all those other kinds of courageous actions doesn’t mean this one isn’t. Being the only teacher in an elementary school who won’t give up on the kid with dyslexia is courage too. Physical risk isn’t the sole qualifier. Living your life in an honest fashion because you believe it’s the right thing to do, even if you will be ostracized or ridiculed for doing it – takes courage.

    I’m not a fan of the Kardashians or reality TV, but this is a way of doing something I can admire. I don’t really look for role models, being an adult, but being authentic under public scrutiny is something I wish the members of our government valued more.


    1. Yes, it is a psychological problem. My wording could have been more clear on that. It seems like to me that it is a form of body dysmorphic disorder. The reason I say that is because a lot of the reasons I’ve seen for the procedure include the notion of being held hostage to their bodies. To me, that implies a belief that they are not satisfied with their bodies and thus a need to change it. The generally accepted treatments for BDD do not include body mutilation. Also, there are studies that show the procedure does not address the underlying issues of depression and suicidal thoughts. Plus, some people who undergo the procedure have phantom limb syndrome. In other words, there is more going on.

      To me, courage would be learning to accept they are who they are and overcoming what is a psychological problem. In a sense, I think Jenner has given up on his struggles and to given into his belief that he is flawed.

      I agree that courage does not need to be physical. Those were just the first three examples that came to mind when writing. I was not intending to imply otherwise. For example, that lady who gave a free lunch to that child and was fire. That is courage.


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