Standards? We need no stinking standards!

One would expect that if a person was hired to do a job, that a person would be capable of doing that job. One would think that a police officer would be able to subdue a suspect that is resisting arrest.  One would think that a fire fighter would be able to go into a burning building and carry an unconscious person without assistance.  One would think that a teacher would have basic reading, writing, science, and math skills.  One would be wrong in this day and age.

The reason a person would be wrong is because we live in a politically correct society.  Case in point, the recent decision in New York concerning their LAST-2 entrance exam for teachers.  The intention of the exam was to make sure that applicants for teaching jobs meet minimum requirements.  This requirement included reading comprehension, math, science, and (from the looks of the example questions) some critical thinking skills.  These are skills that when asked of the teachers, they agreed that they were relevant to the job.

So what was the problem with the exam?  Too many minorities failed it.  It did not matter that the teachers agreed that the skills tested were relevant.  It did not matter that the exam was vetted against bias.  The only thing that mattered to the judge was that too many minorities failed.  Not only that, she declared that an expectation that a teacher demonstrate these skills is a faulty premise.  She has event hinted that the latest version of the test might be discriminatory as well.

It seems that the judge in this case has failed to use critical thinking.  A disproportionate number of minorities failing an exam does not prove that it is discriminatory.  While it does mean that it might be biased, that is not the case here.  The exam was vetted for bias because the previous version was ruled discriminatory.  In the world of political correctness and activist judges, these facts do not matter.

The real question here is why are minorities are failing the exam?  Rather than rejecting the standards, we should be helping minorities meet those standards.  Unfortunately, in the minds those who constrain their thinking to the liberal ideology, this notion is blasphemy.

Today, we live in a world where some fire fighters and police officers get a free (or reduced) pass on the physical requirements of the job.  How can we be sure these people are capable of doing the job?  A fire fighter needs to be able to work with heavy hoses through which high pressure water flows, haul heavy ladders, and in some cases carry an unconscious person out of a burning building.  A police officer might need to be able subdue an unruly suspect without the use of a gun or taser.  Can these people do those jobs?  I hope so because it would not be politically correct to ask them to demonstrate it.

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