Dolezal, Jenner, and a very good question

If anyone says that we do not live in an interesting world is clearly not paying attention.  The latest big distraction comes from the state of Washington.  The president of the NAACP in Spokane has been revealed to have been exaggerating her racial identity.  Understandably, there are some that are upset.  She lied about who she was and there is evidence that she had committed fraud.  Her stepping down from her position is a result of that fraud.  Race does not even need to be considered here.

There is an interesting question that is being brought up by conservatives that involves a comparison between Jenner and Dolezal.  The question is that if gender is a fluid concept, why not race?  Liberals are mostly dismissing this notion because… well… just because they say so.  That is the rub.  Jenner said that he wishes to be identified as a woman and we are expected to accept that.  Dolezal claims that she identifies as a black woman.  Why should the same consideration not be extended to her?  After all, what is to say that she was not born a black woman in the body of a white woman.

Here is my thought.  Accepting Dolezal as a black woman does not advance a liberal social agenda.  Whereas, accepting Jenner as a woman does advance the LGBT agenda.  Therein lies the problem with identity politics.  When we choose to blur the line between biological truths and what we wish to believe, it creates a whole mess of unintended consequences.

2 thoughts on “Dolezal, Jenner, and a very good question

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  1. The problem is that biological truths are just that…… biological. As human beings, we are much more than that. This is a thought provoking post that does ask the right questions. Please don’t judge Rachel. That would be a start……


  2. I am being skeptical about her claims (in the true sense of the word). As I said there is evidence that there was fraud: her request of her adopted brother, the lawsuit against Howard, and the fiction she created about her parents. At minimum, she lied on job applications and that is a big no-no (which is why she was asked to resign). Who knows maybe she is being genuine about how she identifies and could have done a lot better with the transition.


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