Semiregular link roundup

PolitiFact checks whether or not a cat can run for president.  I'm surprised that they had the spare time with Trump's campaign. Republicans want to limit the information that can be collected on the census. They do have a point here as much of the information that they are collecting is information that is not... Continue Reading →

Wonder what happened to Eric Holder?

You remember former attorney general Eric Holder don't you?  He was the first attorney general under Obama who was in charge of the Justice Department during the recovery from the 2008 recession.  In an article by the Rolling Stones, he went back to his position with Covington & Burling as a partner.  It seems that... Continue Reading →

Obama’s got a deal

The big news of last week was that Obama announced a nuclear deal with Iran.  Of course, the response has been as predicted.  The left is cheering and proclaiming that Obama is the best thing since sliced toast.  The right is furious and yelling that Obama should not have made a deal. As pointed out... Continue Reading →

Is Trump for real?

According to Donald Trump, he is running for the Republican presidential nomination.  He has officially announced his candidacy and has made some fiery speeches.  However, there are some that do not believe that is serious candidate. For example, Republican Florida congressman Carlos Curbelo is calling Trump a phantom candidate and is really working for the... Continue Reading →

What happened to all of the conservatives?

Remember back in 2010, we were asked to vote for true conservatives to represent us in Congress to oppose Obama's liberal agenda.  Well, in 2010, 2012, and 2014, the American voter has given to the Republicans what they wanted: total control of Congress. Why is it that when the vote for the Trans-Pacific Partnership happened,... Continue Reading →

Is the US still a democratic republic?

A few years ago, Ron Paul and Ralph Nader had a joint interview.  While this by itself is noteworthy, the topic was one of where the two men agreed.  When I read about this interview, my mind was blown.  On the same stage, two men who were complete polar opposites politically were actually talking about... Continue Reading →

Is De’Andre Johnson a victim of misandry?

One of the favorite tactics that liberal feminists like to use to play the victim card to make women appear to be victim of brutal men.  This is a fact that De'Andre Johnson is learning. The allegations against Johnson are that he punched a woman in a bar.  The video evidence supports the allegations.  For... Continue Reading →

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