Is De’Andre Johnson a victim of misandry?

One of the favorite tactics that liberal feminists like to use to play the victim card to make women appear to be victim of brutal men.  This is a fact that De’Andre Johnson is learning.

The allegations against Johnson are that he punched a woman in a bar.  The video evidence supports the allegations.  For the most part, this fact is not being disputed.  For his alleged crime, he lost his scholarship to play football and has had to endure being vilified in the media.  The liberals have painted the woman that he punched as a “victim” of his aggression.

There is a part of the story that the media and the liberals are ignoring.  The so-called victim in this case, before being hit, threatened Johnson with a clenched fist.  Not only that, she took a swing at him after he grabbed her arm.  In the world of liberal logic, a man is supposed to take a beating from a woman and he is considered a thug should he defend himself from her aggression.

Funny how the “victim” in this case is not being prosecuted for her role in the altercation.  Of course, that would not further the liberal agenda.

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