What happened to all of the conservatives?

Remember back in 2010, we were asked to vote for true conservatives to represent us in Congress to oppose Obama’s liberal agenda.  Well, in 2010, 2012, and 2014, the American voter has given to the Republicans what they wanted: total control of Congress.

Why is it that when the vote for the Trans-Pacific Partnership happened, all of these conservatives, the ones who vowed to oppose Obama’s liberal agenda, voted to give Obama exactly what he wanted.  It is as if the Congressional elections of 2010, 2102, and 2014 did not happen.

To understand what happened, one should take a look at the bill in question.  This bill, which is being negotiated in secret by Obama, is one of those trade agreements similar to NAFTA.  Historically, these trade agreements result in American jobs being moved to another country.  These policies do not benefit the American people.  Instead, they benefit special interest groups.  They are corporatist policies.

The reason that the true conservatives that vowed to oppose Obama’s liberal agenda is that they were not true conservatives.  They were corporatists.  They essentially lied to the American public about being conservatives so that they can be elected.  Once in power, their true nature has become apparent.

Of course, the American public did not a choice.  Our election system is designed such that the special interest groups choose for whom we are allowed to vote be it Democrat or Republican.

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  1. Hi first time reader. Saw you over at America’s Watchtower. Yeah, NAFTA was about moving factories and manufacturing over border and eventually offshore. Progress. Save the expense of moving and just bring offshore…inshore.


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