Obama’s got a deal

The big news of last week was that Obama announced a nuclear deal with Iran.  Of course, the response has been as predicted.  The left is cheering and proclaiming that Obama is the best thing since sliced toast.  The right is furious and yelling that Obama should not have made a deal.

As pointed out by Matthew Yglesias on Vox, the conservative media’s arguments against the deal boil down to two talking points.

  • The Iranians are bad people.
  • The Iranians get something from the deal.

When it comes to specifics as to what Obama did wrong, the message is lacking.  They are not saying what they or another president would have done differently.  The message is mostly ad hominem and chest beating.   What these pundits and politicians do not want to reveal is the real reason for their opposition.

The real reason is that such a deal with Iran hinders the corporatist agenda of the special interests that would benefit from a war.  As these special interests traditionally support Republicans, one would expect to see the reactions to the deal that we are seeing.  With this deal in place, the Republicans and their special interests will most likely not get to profit from yet another military misadventure.

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