Conservative political correctness

A couple days of ago, I noted that Donald Trump was being punished for his remarks about Megyn Kelly and how the reaction was similar to what one would expect of liberals.  It seems that I am not the only person to notice that. It seems that what liberals and conservatives think is acceptable speech... Continue Reading →

Oathkeepers in Ferguson

During the current protests in Ferguson, a group called Oathkeepers have shown up equipped with assault rifles.  What is the role they filling?  There is a police presence on the street and given that it is not Baltimore, they are going to crack down or rioting pretty darn quick.  There does not be any clear... Continue Reading →

The myth of Saint Ronald

One of the most popular figures of conservatism is Ronald Reagan.  If one was to believe everything on the Internet about him.  One would think that he was champion of all that was good: protector of the second amendment, believed in fiscal responsibility, did not negotiate with terrorists, and many other claims.  He is what... Continue Reading →

Shootout in Ferguson

I guess maybe I am being old fashioned.  It seems to me that if one wants to encourage law enforcement to be less brutal, one should not go around shooting a police officers.  Thanks to some shortsighted individual, those who defend the police state tactics employed by the bad apples in the law enforcement community... Continue Reading →

Trump vs. Kelly: a couple of thoughts

As most of those who pay attention to politics know, Donald Trump had some rather colorful statements about Megan Kelly of Fox News after the Republican debate Thursday.  While it is not my intention to defend Trump, I do have some thoughts on the matter. First, how is what Trump is saying about Kelly any... Continue Reading →

Doing the minimum (wage)

In a first year economics, a student will learn that when the government imposes a floor or a ceiling on prices, it will distort the market.  Price floors, which is what a minimum wage is, create a surplus of a good or service.  This surplus of labor arises from an increase in a supply in... Continue Reading →

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