Trump vs. Kelly: a couple of thoughts

As most of those who pay attention to politics know, Donald Trump had some rather colorful statements about Megan Kelly of Fox News after the Republican debate Thursday.  While it is not my intention to defend Trump, I do have some thoughts on the matter.

HillaryCuntFirst, how is what Trump is saying about Kelly any different than the various statements and pictures about Democrat women, especially Clinton and Pelosi,  that one commonly sees on the Internet and on Facebook.  It seems like many of those who condone these memes about Clinton and Pelosi are the ones who are taking offense.

Second, how is the reaction to Trump’s statements not a form a political correctness?  One should take a serious look at the reactions and compare it to how liberals react to politically incorrect speech against one of their own.  I fail to see any difference as the conservatives are acting to punish Trump for his politically incorrect speech by excluding him from conservative events.  Funny, I thought it was the conservatives who had the thick skin.

Third, one has to wonder if the questions that Kelly was asking were intended damage the candidates that the establishment Republican did not favor.  Many conservatives are saying that she was asking tough questions.  What I find interesting that if these questions were being asked by someone from MSNBC or some other “liberal” news outlet, they would be called gotcha questions.  I guess since Kelly is an “approved” journalist, she is exempt from such criticism.

Yes, I agree that Trumps statements are not appropriate and they have no place in political discourse.  However, these statements are truly a reflection of how things have become in current political discourse.  We, as a nation, should expect for from our politicians and ourselves.

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