Oathkeepers in Ferguson

During the current protests in Ferguson, a group called Oathkeepers have shown up equipped with assault rifles.  What is the role they filling?  There is a police presence on the street and given that it is not Baltimore, they are going to crack down or rioting pretty darn quick.  There does not be any clear mission statement by them.  Given the demographics of the group, they most likely are not there to make sure that the Constitutional rights of the protesters are going to be respected.  Could it be that they are there to keep those dirty Democrat voting “parasites” in there place?

Their presence at these protests do bring up an interesting point.  When these heavily armed, white, men showed up, the police did not do a thing.  I cannot help but to wonder if one of these protesters showed up in similar gear what would the reaction would be then?  I doubt that the police would let that “transgression” go unanswered.

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