After all, stuff happens

Yet, again.  There’s been another mass shooting.  Yet, again. Nothing is going to be done to address it.  The attitude is well… stuff happens.

Yes, “stuff happens.”  However, when “stuff happens,” maybe we should try to figure out why “stuff happens.”  But no, we are not even allowed to study why “stuff happens.”  Why is that?  Could it be that an informed debate on “stuff happens” is not something the special interests want? Could it be that preventing “stuff happening” will interfere with their power and profit?  After all, when “stuff happens”, that is of no consequence to them.

Let’s clear the air.  Yes, there is an amendment to the Constitution.  It does say that we have a right to own firearms but it also adds the context of a “well-regulated militia.”  What does that truly mean, well, that has been debated for years.  However, the key phrase here being “well-regulated.”  In this context, this means properly functioning. In other words, the founders have intended for us to exercise responsibility when it comes the ownership of guns.

I have a hard time believing that allowing access to guns to the mentally ill and criminals was what the founders meant by the second amendment.  Why is it that the special interests such as the NRA oppose responsible common sense proposals to keep these weapons from those who would use them irresponsibly?

Say what you will about the Democrat’s proposals.  At least they are willing to address the problem albeit in a misguided manner.  Where’s the proposals from the NRA and their subjugated politicians?  There are none to be found.  No, throwing more guns at the problem is not a valid proposal.

While we are at it, gun free zones DO NOT WORK in preventing mass shootings.  If a douche-bag wants to go shooting up kids, that sign that says no guns allowed is not going to stop him.  However, the opposite does not work either.  Douche-bags do not choose schools and movie theaters because they are gun free.  They choose them because they are target rich environments.  Even if there was a good guy with a gun, the chances of him/her stopping it before anybody gets hurt are very low.  After all, it is impossible to tell a good guy with a gun from a bad guy with a gun until it is too late.

Oh well… we all know that “stuff happens.”  A few dead kids are just collateral damage in protecting liberty.

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