Are the Democrats trying to lost 2016?

To be honest it seems to be that way.  Both the liberal media and the DNC have been stacking the deck in her favor.  The liberal media do not give any coverage of her opponents; thus keeping the public in the dark about them.  Plus, the DNC not only scheduled a scant few debates, they have scheduled them at times when the least number of people can watch them.

Here is the problems.  First, Clinton is damaged goods.  She does not have the integrity to be deserving of being the president.  Second, many people do not like it when the game is rigged.  That is part of the problem that Romney had, his nomination was rigged and it caused many conservatives to just stay home (if they really wanted to protest, they should have voted for Gary Johnson but I digress).

I hope for the sake of this country that the Democrats get their heads out of their collective nether regions.  As we’ve seen in the past, when one party controls the legislative and the executive branches, the country takes a turn to the worse.

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