Choke holds are not appropriate

Another viral video has surfaced showing a copy applying a choke hold to a teenager in Texas.  I encourage one to watch the video which is linked by the article.

The Round Rock Police Department says on Thursday afternoon there was a disagreement between two male students. In a press release, RRPD says the Round Rock Police School Resource Officers (SROs) were requested by administrators to assist with a fight in the cafeteria because they were unable to “de-escalate the fight and needed police assistance.” Administrators told police one of the student’s involved refused to comply.

What we know was that this kid had been in a fight which is why the cops were involved.  Second, the kid was not complying with the officers.  Third, the kid had grabbed the cop’s hand (which you can see in the video).  Given the situation, restraining him was reasonable.

What was not reasonable was how the cop restrained him.  The cop went for the kids throat.  If you watched the video, it is pretty obvious that this was no accident and was intentional.  There is no excuse for that behavior.  That kind of move can lead to death (see Eric Garner as an example).

This is the kind of behavior that is the root of why there is people protesting.  Every time when officer Fife acts up, it gives all cops a bad name.  Maybe the good cops should stop complaining about how they are being misrepresented and do something about these bad cops.

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