Is Bernie Sanders a plant for Clinton?

From the moment that Donald Trump announced his candidacy, conservatives were speculating that he was a plant for Clinton.  Well, they are not the only ones who can fashion a tin foil hat and wear it.  Allow me to offer my speculation: Bernie Sanders is a plant.  Some other have made some interesting points.

Bernie Sanders wants to run on issues, not on electability, and that is great news for Hillary Clinton. On the campaign trail, Sanders has never explicitly criticized Clinton, even when provided ample opportunities to do so. Tonight, he went even further when he declared that Clinton’s greatest weakness – her email server and the questions it raises about her honesty and trustworthiness – was irrelevant.

Why would Sanders spend so much energy and political capital to campaign and not go after Hillary?  Could it be that the DNC has already deemed that Hillary is going to be the candidate and that Sanders role is to not tear her down but to build her up?

I’ve noted that in order for the Democrats to be able to defeat the Republicans, the eventual nominee needs to be challenged and not be Hillary.  Given the weakness of the Democrats in 2016 and that Hillary has been deemed the candidate, it would make sense for the Democrats to put on a charade that she is being challenged.

I’ll take my tin foil hat off now.

2 thoughts on “Is Bernie Sanders a plant for Clinton?

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  1. I would expect some shenanigans from the DNC, but Sanders wouldn’t be the one to do it. Technically, he isn’t a Democrat, even though he generally agrees with the ones in the Senate. it’s a matter of personal pride for him that he refuses to do “negative campaigning”, so why pile on issues most dems do not see as serious detriments to Mrs. Clinton’s qualifications? Sanders was completely right about that, and when Chafee tried to go negative immediately after, it made him look like a tool.


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