Another Republican comes out about Benghazi

Looks like another Republican has come out and said something that was not supposed to be said in public.

No, it turns out some Democrats weren’t being paranoid or doing spin. Yet another Republican admits the Benghazi committee was designed to go after former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for political reasons. In so many ways, this 21st century is marked by some of the smelliest politics in our history — and increasingly it seems as if the only way the GOP will be able to remove the aroma is with CostCo portions of tomato juice.

For many, after the initial investigations, it became clear that the Benghazi inquisition was all about either smearing Obama or Clinton.  Given how it was reasonable to assume that Hillary still had her sights on the White House, many came to believe that it was directed at Hillary.

If it was one person, it can be dismissed as a gaffe.  However, when there is a confirming statement by someone who would be in the know, I think it is safe to say that there might be some truth to it.

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