Sorry Jeb but Trump is right

It seems that Trump and Bush have been going back and forth on GW’s handling of 9/11.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump once again provoked a tit-for-tat row on Friday by saying former president George W. Bush must share some of the blame for the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

Let’s look at some facts.

  • GW was alerted at the possibility of a terrorist attack.  He did nothing.
  • After the attacks, we knew where Bin Laden was.  GW did not act decisively and he was able to go into hiding.
  • Rather than continuing the search for Bin Laden, he chose to invade Iraq; a move that some believe destabilized the region and allowed for the creation of groups like ISIS and the rise of Iran.
  • Rather than search for Bin Laden in Pakistan (where he was eventually found holed up on a military installation), he greased the palms of the Pakistani rulers.

Sorry, Jeb but your brother’s handling of 9/11 and events afterwards was mostly fail.  He did nothing to stop the attacks, he did nothing to bring Bin Laden to justice, and had a hand in the crap that is going on in the Middle East now.

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