An overreach of religious freedom?

One of the big topics du jour is the concept of religious freedom.  Many state legislatures have passed laws because the Christian god somehow disapproves of baking cakes for gay couples.  However, even the supporters of these laws did not intend on what is happening in DC.

The District of Columbia’s transportation department has offered several proposals to install bike lanes, one of which runs by a church that objects to the new bike lane. In a practice that is likely to become much more common since the Supreme Court expanded the rights of religious objectors in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby, the church responded by hiring a lawyer and claiming that the bike lane would violate the “the Church’s and its parishioners’ constitutionally protected rights of religious freedom.”

I guess the same Christian god has an objection to people riding bikes.  Seriously though, the real objection by the church is that the bike line might make it less convenient for people going to church.  We talk about how people have an entitlement mentality.  Well, here is an example of it.

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