Want a glimpse of what tyranny is like?

There is something smelly in Wisconsin and I am not talking about cheese.

Republicans in Wisconsin set their sights on reforming the John Doe process after it was used against Walker and his staff — six of whom were convicted for embezzlement and other charges. A second John Doe investigation targeting Walker himself — for illegally coordinating with outside conservative groups during the 2012 recall election — was ended earlier this year by the state Supreme Court, which also ordered all evidence destroyed. Several judges on that court were elected with the help of the same outside advocacy groups under investigation.

Members of Scott Walkers staff was found to be committing crimes and he was being investigated himself.  In response, activists that were elected to the Wisconsin Supreme Court quashed the investigation.  Not only that, they ordered any evidence of misdeeds by Walker to be destroyed.

Now the Republicans are working to make sure this does not happen again.  They are passing legislation that will prevent any future investigations of corruption in politics.

The idea that a party can use its power to protect itself from the consequences of its illegal activity is one of the sure signs that government has become a tyranny.  Gosh… I thought it was the Republicans that were the ones that opposed tyranny.

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