Why do we get Tweedledee and Tweedledum?

It seems like in the last couple of decades, voting has become an exercise of holding one’s nose and voting for the lesser of two evils.  On one side we have a party that rather than try to fix the problems that government cause, they create a new government program (which then makes things worse).  On the other side, we have a party that rather than try to fix the problems that government cause, they blame those affected, mutter the words “personal responsibility,” and go on creating more problems.

Looking at the current field of contenders, we are in for some more SSDD and I am not the only one to notice.

At this stage of the 2016 presidential campaign, the United States has no worthy candidates running in either party. All the entries are deeply flawed, particularly the front-runners. Washington itself is severely dysfunctional and perhaps this has frightened potential candidates from throwing their hats in the ring. Looking at the trouble Republicans are having finding a Speaker of the House reinforces how difficult it is for politicians to get things done. But how can America not have a single candidate that elicits admiration from the majority of the electorate?

I could go on about the candidates individually and describe how they are a poor selection but I don’t have that kind of time. Plus, if WordPress has a limit to the size of a post that one can make, I’ll probably easily hit it.  At a high level, this is what I think.

  • Clinton: If I was to consider only her experience and accomplishments, I would be tempted to say that she was the best of the contenders.  However, there is a reason why I supported Obama over her in 2008.  Those reasons have not changed.  If anything, the recent issues with her email indicate to me that she has not changed her stripes.  She simply does not have the integrity to be suitable for the job.
  • Sanders:  Of all of the candidates, Sanders is the one who is saying, “Hey! if these other countries can do these things, we should be able to as well.”  IMHO, I think that he is way too far to the left for me to be comfortable voting for him.  Although, I would be apt to vote for him over Clinton.
  • Trump: If one was to consider politicians as turds, Trump would be explosive diarrhea.  He is using his celebrity, lack of insider status, and crass attitude to whip up the more extreme members of the right.  The only qualification that he has for the job is that he is a successful businessman (let’s just ignore the four bankruptcies). I fear that if he becomes president, he’ll have us at war with Canada before March 2016.
  • Carson:  If there was a polar opposite of Joe Biden, Carson has to be it.  While he is clearly a very intelligent person, he says all sorts of things that don’t exactly conform to reality.  Like Trump, he is using lack of insider status as a reason to vote for him.  The biggest problem with Carson is the lack of any specific policy and just talks and says what he thinks the Republican base wants to hear.
  • Fiorina: While it seems her moment to shine is starting to pass by, she is still a top running candidate.  Her claim to fame is that she was a CEO of two corporations.  Never mind the fact that both companies did poorly under her tenure.  Like Trump and Carson, she is not an insider although she played a role in McCain’s failed run for the presidency.

One common theme among the Republican contenders is that the top three have no political experience.  While they try to spin this as a positive, it means that there will be some “on the job training.”  This is quite interesting because one of the criticisms of Obama was that he needed “on the job training.”  Let me get this straight, the clueless guy was a disaster so we should replace him with someone who is even more clueless?


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