Celebrate diversity… but not if you’re white

When I was in school during the 90’s, multiculturalism was the big thing.  We were supposed to accept and celebrate diversity.  Oh, how things have changed.

Self-appointed guardians of culture have proclaimed that Miley Cyrus shouldn’t twerk, white girls shouldn’t wear cornrows, and Selena Gomez should take off that bindi. Personally, I could happily live without ever seeing Cyrus twerk again, but I still find many of these accusations alarming.

While the title of this post can certainly be considered hyperbole, it does seem that these accusations are predominately targeted at whites.  Is it not politically correct for a whites to celebrate diversity and to embrace multiculturalism?  If so, that is the wrong approach to take.

Multiculturalism is the extension of the great American melting pot idea.  It allows us to experience the best of all cultures and it enriches our lives.  Eventually, the cultures blend to produce a better, richer culture.  We would be best for all cultures to embrace and respect other cultures.

Now, as for Miley twerking… yes, we need to put a stop to that. 🙂

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