Are good guys with guns the answer?

One of the talking points of the NRA is that the best way to counter act a bad buy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. When the Oregon shooting happened, conservatives went to the social media saying that this would not have happened if the campus did not ban guns.  There seems to be more to this than meets the eye…

In the wake of the mass shooting at an Oregon community college, Donald Trump and other Republican presidential candidates claimed that the school was a “gun-free zone.” That’s not exactly accurate.

Umpqua Community College does have policies prohibiting guns on campus, but they “would not apply to those with valid concealed weapon permits pursuant to Oregon law,” a college official told us.

It seems that Oregon is one of those states where gun rights supporters won the ability to conceal carry on college campuses.  In other words, Umpqua was not a “gun-free zone.”  Anybody who had the proper permits could carry on campus, the weapon only needed to be concealed.

This raises the question if mass murderers target schools because they are gun free zones, why did Umpqua get targeted.  It was definitely possible that the douche bag would encounter someone armed.  My thoughts is that mass murderers choose schools because they are target rich environments.

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