Is the tea party dying?

According to a recent poll by Gallup, it seems that the tea party is starting to fade.

Americans’ support for the Tea Party has dropped to its lowest level since the movement emerged on the national political scene prior to the 2010 midterm elections. Seventeen percent of Americans now consider themselves Tea Party supporters, and a record 54% say they are neither supporters nor opponents.

I would have to say that I am in the camp that is neutral towards the tea party.  At a high level, I agree with much of what the tea party represents.  I mostly disagree with them in terms of specifics and magnitude.  Plus, the tea party was manipulated by the Republicans for the sole purpose of getting back in power (did you really think they would change?).

Much of the tea party rage was fueled by the fact that politicians with the wrong letter next to their names on the ballot controlled Congress and the White House.  Now that the Republicans control Congress and soon the White House, it only makes sense that they are going to hang their picket signs and go on supporting what big government policy that the Republicans want.

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