Another bad apple in blue?

So, we have yet another case of where a police officer is being accused of being heavy handed.

A South Carolina police officer in Richland County slammed a girl to the ground and dragged her out of a high school classroom, sparking outrage Monday night when videos filmed by students surfaced on social media. Though the video is shocking, it is actually a glimpse into the reality of many classrooms across the country, where the school-to-prison pipeline begins.

Before I add my $0.02, I invite you to check out BadTux’s analysis of the incident.

This is what we know.  The student in question was being disruptive in class.  The teacher sent her to the principle’s office and she refused.  The principle told her to leave the room and go to his office.  Again, she failed to comply.  This is when the officer was called in.  The officer gave her the opportunity to comply but she refused.  Allegedly, she told him to make her leave.  This is when the confrontation got physical.

Let’s be frank here, the officer did what he needed to do.  He had to force the student out of her seat and arrest her.  The officer physically subdued the student.  He did not resort to using a taser or pepper spray.  He did not resort to pulling his weapon.  This was not an over escalation of violence.  Sure, the cop made some mistakes but those are the results of after the fact analysis. Sorry bleeding hearts, unless this kid is mentally handicapped, there is no story here.

Of course, the optics of the incident look bad.  However, that is the nature of the job.  It is impossible to have a physical confrontation without some bad optics.  Plus, frankly, the media’s handling of this incident is deplorable.  Their choice of videos that they are showing is clearly designed to damn the officer.

The left is showing a serious case of cognitive dissonance here.  They are making this student out as sitting there, minding her own business and big ole mean cop just body slammed her for no reason.  They want to believe that any cop that arrests a black person is being racist.  Hence, they are ignoring evidence that goes contrary to their beliefs.

This is the reason why the good cops need to reign in their bad apples.  When the bad apples act in a thuggish manner, it gives them a bad name as well.  It gives the impression that they condone such behavior.  This impression feeds into the cognitive dissonance and further entrenches the belief that all cops are bad.

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