Ben Carson comes out as a big government statist

For those that truly believe in liberty, when the government dictates how a person lives his/her life, that is considered an infringement of liberty and a sign of statism.  Case in point, the never ending war on drugs.  Rather than allowing people to live their own lives and deal with the consequences of their actions, the government has deemed that we cannot be allowed and that we must be punished for engaging in behavior that it finds offensive.  If Ben Carson is the pro-liberty person that the right wants him to be, why is he advocating a continuation of these same failed policies?

If elected president, Ben Carson won’t just continue to wage the perennially failing War on Drugs, like all of his predecessors in both parties since Richard Nixon—he would intensify the failed policy, because …

According to the linked article, not only does he intend to continue these anti-liberty policies, he intends to escalate them.  In other words, he is going to grow the government to do so.

Ben Carson has shown his true colors.  He is a big government statist like his fellow Republicans.  If anybody thinks that Carson is the answer to this country’s problems, that person is being incredibly naive.

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