Was the purpose of Benghazi to bring Clinton down?

If it was, it appears to be failing.

Buoyed by what most analysts proclaimed a victory in the first Democratic Presidential nomination wannabes debate, an 11-hour Benghazi hearing that even conservatives now believe was a Halloween-monster-sized mistake for Congressional Republicans, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s campaign is going into full gear as the (largely) good news for her campaign continues.

Thanks to the Republicans, Clinton has gained a big boost in the polls.  In essence, they hindered Sander’s chance to pull off an upset (assuming of course the game isn’t rigged).  One would think that Sanders would be an easier rival to defeat as he is a self-professed socialist.

All is not lost for the Republicans though.  Hillary is not a popular choice.  The only reason that she is a front-runner is because she is favored by the DNC and the liberal media.  In other words, the game is rigged.  People don’t like it when the game is rigged.  See how well that worked out for Romney.

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