Bad optics for the NFL

Is it me or has the NFL become fine obsessed?

  • DeAngelo Williams was fined for having “find the cure” on his eye black.
  • William Gay was fined for wearing purple cleats.
  • Cam Heyward was fined for having “Iron Head” on his eye black.

Gay’s fine is somewhat understandable.  Based on the actions of some of the players in the league, his support of domestic violence is probably offensive them. 😉

While it is understandable that the NFL has to maintain some form of uniformity, the fining for bringing awareness to certain causes is only going to make them appear to be heavy handed and uncaring.  Who cares if player has a tribute message on his eye black as long as it is within in the spirit of good sportsmanship?  Who cares if a player is wearing cleats that are “wrong” color?

Obviously, the NFL has a problem with it.  My guess is that the sponsors (who the NFL care more about than the players) object and the owners.  Do you think that the players are forced to wear pink for some altruistic reason?  Think again…

The NFL touts that it’s raised $3 million for the ACS since 2009, “with the majority of the donation coming from the sale of pink items at retail and on NFL Auction.” How impressive that total is depends on how much the NFL is actually donating to the American Cancer Society from what they make through the sale of pink products. A recent Business Insider article stated that when B.I. asked the NFL’s online shop for the precise amount, the number they got back from the league was 5%.

What does the NFL expect these players to do?  Wait until their personal cause becomes profitable for the NFL and its owners?  Certainly, there has to be some sort of middle ground where all parties can be happy.

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