Should we not hold our kids accountable for their actions?

It is a fact of life.  Actions have consequences.  When someone violates the rights of others, the consequences can be the loss of your rights (prison).  Of course, when it comes to social justice warriors, such things do not matter.

As a follow up to a post I made yesterday about a cop that had to remove a non-compliant student from a classroom, the officer in question was fired.  It seems that the social justice warriors got their pound of flesh.  Of course, none of these social justice warriors were willing or able to answer the question of what was the proper protocol for removing the student.

I was, predictably, ignored.  I guess social justice warriors don’t like it when you have questions that are contrary to the agenda.

However, reading the comments of the social justice warriors, it is clear that this student should not have been held accountable for her role in the incident.  During the press conference where the sheriff announced the officer’s firing, he mentioned that the student should be held accountable for her actions.  Bristol Palin (why is she even relevant) made similar remarks.  Well this does not sit well with social justice warriors.

Seriously, the Sheriff’s response is basically, “She started it”…. 5-year olds with guns and badges. This girl never hit or attacked the cop. So WHO reacted violently and “needs to be held responsible”?! Fired. Wonder if he’ll appeal and be back on the force in 6 months.

I’ve heard a lot of domestic abuse scenarios mansplained by the abuser as “she started it”.

I don’t care what the student did. I don’t care that she didn’t obey a directive from the teacher. There were other ways of removing her from the classroom, if that was what was necessary. She didn’t do anything that warranted being thrown on the floor.

I don’t care if she’s the rudest, most impudent girl on the planet — she was not physically a threat and therefore his actions were inappropriate. Even if I taunt someone verbally, it is not “my fault” if that person chooses to punch me in the face. Deputy Fields escalated the incident. His dismissal was deserved — and entirely his responsibility.

This is from the grown woman who still can’t figure out how to unwrap a condom.

Gotta hand it to Bristol. She’s a republican that can actually multi-task: spreading her legs a spreading ñonsense all in the same breath. Impressive!

See comments from this article and this article.  I wish I could say that I had to go through a lot of effort to find those quotes.  Alas, I didn’t.

Has it ever occurred to anyone that maybe students like this girl are one of the reasons that our schools are failing.  When I was in school, there was no need to have any police officers in any school.  Even the schools in Indianapolis did not have cops as they do today.  There are some kids today that outright dangerous to society and these social justice warriors wonder why we even need these cops.

This student did not have respect for her fellow students, her teacher, the principle, or even the cops.  Yet, it is not her fault?  Give me a [censored] break! When we do not hold students accountable for their actions whether it be respect or achievement, they end being self-centered entitled spoiled special snowflakes that wonder why their lives suck when reality comes knocking.

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