Was Ben Carson caught fibbing?

I guess I should be glad that I made my bull snot meter graphic.  I have a feeling that I am going to use it many times in the course of the next year.

Anyways, during the debate on Wednesday, Ben Carson was asked a question about his involvement with a controversial product.  His response was “I didn’t have any involvement” (emphasis mine) and “that’s total propaganda.”  Well, it seems the facts are not as Carson claims.

Carson, a retired neurosurgeon, has proclaimed himself to be a believer in the supplements. He has given four speeches to Mannatech, according to the WSJ, most recently getting paid $42,000 in 2013. He also appeared in videos promoting the company’s products.

BullSnotMeterNow, it might be possible that I am being a bit pedantic but when one claims to not have any involvement with a company, one would not be getting paid for speeches and appearing in promotional videos.  It seems to me that Carson is not telling the truth.

What is it with politicians today?  They repeatedly lie to the voters and act all surprised when they are called out on those lies.  Do they really think we are that stupid or that the truth won’t come out?

Does Carson think that by lying, he will get the nomination and eventually the job?  Please consider, he is wanting to follow one president that lied and created a quagmire in the middle east and another who lied and caused many to lose their health care plans.  SMH

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