Republicans like the Constitution except..

Republican like the Constitution except when it conflicts with their ideology.  As a case in point, the refusal of Republican governors to accept Syrian refugees.  Regardless whether or not bringing potential extremists into this country is prudent, the Constitution is rather explicit where this power lies.  The power lies with the federal government. This means... Continue Reading →

America has a race problem and universities are part of America

This post raises some interesting points.

Fully Myelinated

I finally realized what has been bothering me so much about the recent campus protests and it is encapsulated in the title of this post.  Of course, American universities have a race problem.  American universities are part of America, which clearly has a race problem.  That said, I would posit that universities have far less of a problem than America in general.  Universities are typically run by liberal persons with a real commitment to diversity and ending racism.  Universities actually have real institutions in place, e.g., Diversity offices, multi-cultural centers, curriculum requirements, to try and address the problems of racism.  So, I’ll got back to the Ayers post I recently included on quick hits (and clearly should have just saved for here):

Conflicts often arise between aggrieved students and university administrators or faculty, which is an example of the lamppost fallacy: tackling what you can see, rather than going…

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Veterans Day 2015 #1

I was going to write something similar to this but I doubt I would do any better. I would like to add that we indeed should give our thanks to those who went out and did a job that most would not (some of whom were not not given the choice in the matter).

In Saner Thought

Today is the day that the government has set aside for the recognition and remembrance of our veterans and their contributions to this country.

A day that I usually go on my rants about the treatment of our veterans and this year will be NO different.

This country owes a debt that cannot be paid to our veterans…..mainly because of the moronic belief that the government owes these people very little for their service.  Think I am wrong?  Then look at Congress and the inactivity there is on veterans issues and the budget cuts to the VA….just to mention a couple of the cowardly moves by politicians.

Veterans make great props for their re-elections, a good photo ops and great slogans but that is as far as they will go to see that veterans are cared for in an appropriate manner.

This country calls out and our people volunteer to…

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Are religious children brats?

Recently, a study was released that studied altruism of children raised in religious households versus ones that were not.  The conclusion made by this study goes against conventional wisdom... Academics from seven universities across the world studied Christian, Muslim and non-religious children to test the relationship between religion and morality. They found that religious belief... Continue Reading →

Bad apple in blue gets away with murder

In Pennsylvania, a police officer shot a man who was face down on the ground.  After a trial, the jury acquitted the police officer. On Thursday, a jury acquitted Officer Lisa Mearkle for shooting David Kassick in Pennsylvania, who was pulled over for an expired inspection sticker. The same day, video of the deadly encounter... Continue Reading →

Tis the season to be outraged

With the conclusion of Halloween, the next season officially begins.  No, I'm not talking about what most of us would consider the holiday season.  No, I am talking about the outrage season.  This is the time of year when political pundits and "concerned" Christians air their outrage at people who do not celebrate the season... Continue Reading →

Ben Carson: no pardon for Snowden

In his book, Ben Carson gave praise to people like Snowden who revealed our government's unlawful surveillance.  However, when he was asked if he would pardon Snowden, he sang a different tune. When ThinkProgress asked Carson during a book signing on Tuesday outside of Tampa whether he would be open to pardoning Snowden, he replied:... Continue Reading →

Texan toilet politics

On Tuesday, the voters of Huston Texas voted on an ordinance to protect members of the LGBT community from discrimination.  It was soundly defeated by the opposition that pointed out a small problem with it... But when that same proposal came before the electorate on Tuesday, it lost out to an opposition campaign armed with... Continue Reading →

Take heed Democrats

Yes, I know Hillary is the preordained candidate and it is politically incorrect to criticize her highness.  However, at the end of the day, the real goal should be to keep the White House out of the hands of the Republicans.  To that end, there are some things that should be said.  First, there are... Continue Reading →

Judicial incompetence

Bindi Irwin, daughter of the late Steve Irwin, is a contestant on a show called Dancing with the Stars.  A judge has rejected her contract to be on the show because... well.. there is no proof that her dad died. What... the... flock... You have to be [censored] joking.  Has this judge had her head... Continue Reading →

Pro-indoctrination conservatives recalled

One of the positions of conservatives is that schools should not be a place for indoctrination.  They have a very good point on the matter.  Unfortunately, what they say and what they mean are usually two different things. In Colorado’s second-largest school district, residents overwhelmingly voted to recall three conservative school board members who floated... Continue Reading →

Still think the game isn’t rigged?

Larry Lessig, the founder of Creative Commons and political activist, is a Democrat who is running for the nomination.  He had a late start and he put together a team to worked hard to qualify for the next Democrat presidential debate.  Except there is one problem... So, we believed we had our guidelines. And as... Continue Reading →

Yet another example of government waste

Since it is no longer politically correct for a victor in a war to leave the loser in shambles, the United States has been picking up the tab in rebuilding Afghanistan (despite the fact that the people in the country were harboring Bin Laden, a wanted terrorist).  However, even this just boggles the mind. The... Continue Reading →

What is the GOP’s plan for the IRS?

Nestled in the highway bill being debated, there is a little surprise awaiting for those who are not bothering to read the legislation. House Republicans are pushing to give private debt collectors the right to target all unpaid tax bills, handing a traditional IRS responsibility over to an industry with a long record of consumer... Continue Reading →

And there is a debate solution?

After all of the so-called "gotcha" questions by questionable moderators, the Republican candidates got together to come up with a solution.  By Jove, they have one... Carson’s campaign is convening a meeting of various campaigns on Sunday night. The campaigns will discuss Carson’s proposal, which includes “a minimum of five minutes for opening and closing... Continue Reading →

Looking for a fix?

As a computer programmer, it is almost expected that one has a caffeine addiction.  One of the most popular methods of getting a fix is to drink that vile black nasty stuff that people call coffee.  While I personally detest the stuff, there are many that actually like it. According to an article on Huffington,... Continue Reading →

Go figure: winning wars is not profitable

Is it me or does it seem like our leaders in Washington do not have any interest in actually winning wars?  Recently, the American Conservative magazine delved into that question.  Their conclusion, the special interests have no intention of allowing us to win. We could “win” if we followed Sun Tzu and learned from history... Continue Reading →

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