Looking for a fix?

As a computer programmer, it is almost expected that one has a caffeine addiction.  One of the most popular methods of getting a fix is to drink that vile black nasty stuff that people call coffee.  While I personally detest the stuff, there are many that actually like it.

According to an article on Huffington, if one is drinking coffee for the caffeine boost, It is best to stay away from McDonalds’ coffee.  That stuff is almost practically water which I hear is pretty close to what it tastes like.  Heck, the black tea that I drink on most mornings has more.  Even though, you are paying a premium for it, Starbucks is superior in terms of caffeine (and I assume flavor).

I’ve never heard of Deathwish coffee.  Seeing its caffeine content, what are they using in it?  I guess that it is named appropriately.

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