And there is a debate solution?

After all of the so-called “gotcha” questions by questionable moderators, the Republican candidates got together to come up with a solution.  By Jove, they have one…

Carson’s campaign is convening a meeting of various campaigns on Sunday night. The campaigns will discuss Carson’s proposal, which includes “a minimum of five minutes for opening and closing statements with all major declared GOP candidates on stage.” There are currently 14 candidates that have regularly been appearing in debates. Giving them five minutes each for opening and closing statements would take 140 minutes, which is more than the total time for a typical two hour debate.

As I previously noted, if given the chance, candidates would rather stick to their talking points and avoid specifics and tough questions.  Rather than deal with the underlying issue of impartial moderators, the Republican solution is to turn debates into free advertising.

These Republicans are acting like they are running for class president of their high school rather than the president of the United States.

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