How is that hope and change working out for world peace?

Back in 2008, candidate Obama spoke out about fighting unnecessary wars.  He even cited his opposition to the Iraq ware as an indication of his sound judgment.  He was even awarded a Nobel peace prize.  So, here we are 7 years later.

Last month, the president said he would keep 5,500 ground troops in Afghanistan to advise struggling Afghan army and to pursue the remnants of al-Qaeda. In Iraq and Syria, the president has incrementally boosted the U.S. force, beginning an initial deployment of several hundred troops to Iraq in 2014, after Iraqi army forces in Mosul were overrun by Islamic State fighters. The president sent 450 more American trainers and advisers after Iraqi forces were routed at Ramadi by a much smaller Islamic State force in the spring.

This is does not even consider his actions in Libya.  Not only has the president failed to stop fighting unnecessary wars, he is leaving us in a situation where we are in more wars than when he started.  The only war that he hasn’t started is one with Iran (but some could say he’s just kicking the can down the road on that).

I fail to see how this was any departure from his predecessor.  It appears that those of us who thought the awarding of the peace prize was premature, we were right.

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