Still think the game isn’t rigged?

Larry Lessig, the founder of Creative Commons and political activist, is a Democrat who is running for the nomination.  He had a late start and he put together a team to worked hard to qualify for the next Democrat presidential debate.  Except there is one problem…

So, we believed we had our guidelines. And as such, we worked hard–and spent our campaign’s resources–to meet this clarified goal. It wasn’t easy, as most of the national polls didn’t even include Lessig’s name… no poll that included Lessig’s name found him with anything less than 1%.

But apparently it did not matter. Late last week, the DNC again changed the rules for participation in the debates. Just at the point that it seemed Lessig was about to get in, the DNC has shut the door.

It has been very clear from the beginning that the media and the DNC has determined that Hillary Clinton will win the nomination.  Rather than allowing Lessig to challenge Clinton, they decided to change the rules ensuring this predetermined result (what are you going to do vote Republican).

With the way that the DNC and the liberal media have been handling things, why are they even bothering with having debates and primaries?  It would just be easier for them to tell us that Clinton is the candidate and if you don’t like it, tough cookies.

The Democrats and liberal media would be wise to stop rigging the nomination process and allow for fair debates and allow the process to work fairly.  Clinton is a weak candidate and three stooges that lead the GOP herd are capable of defeating her, especially if the contest is rigged.  I, for one, think that having a GOP controlled Congress and White House would be disastrous to this country.

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