What is the GOP’s plan for the IRS?

Nestled in the highway bill being debated, there is a little surprise awaiting for those who are not bothering to read the legislation.

House Republicans are pushing to give private debt collectors the right to target all unpaid tax bills, handing a traditional IRS responsibility over to an industry with a long record of consumer abuse.

The Republicans are seeking to replace IRS agents with people who have been known to harass, intimidate, and to break the law.  So, how is this a change from the status quo?

The truth is that there will not be any change in regards to those who find themselves at the wrong end of an IRS dispute.  Rather, this is  an example of big government crony capitalism that is practiced by the Republicans.  You can be sure that debt collector would get a cut of any money they collect.  Essentially, the whole purpose would be to transfer funds that would otherwise go to funding the government into the pockets of private entities.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Republicans already have agencies lined up to feed from the taxpayer trough.  Republicans picking winners and losers… who would have suspected?

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