Pro-indoctrination conservatives recalled

One of the positions of conservatives is that schools should not be a place for indoctrination.  They have a very good point on the matter.  Unfortunately, what they say and what they mean are usually two different things.

In Colorado’s second-largest school district, residents overwhelmingly voted to recall three conservative school board members who floated a controversial proposal that the Advanced Placement U.S. history curriculum be changed to “promote patriotism.” Voters ended up creating an entirely new school board in Jefferson County.

It seems that conservatives would rather schools be places for indoctrinating kids into the conservative ideology instead of fixing the real problems.  For example in Texas, they attempted to have textbooks rewritten to be conservative ideology based.  They even advocated for the elimination of critical thinking from the classrooms (it leads kids to question their leaders).

As always, two wrongs do not make a right.  Schools should not be a place for indoctrination.  We should be looking to fix the problems of liberal bias in the schools instead of replacing it with conservative bias.

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