Take heed Democrats

Yes, I know Hillary is the preordained candidate and it is politically incorrect to criticize her highness.  However, at the end of the day, the real goal should be to keep the White House out of the hands of the Republicans.  To that end, there are some things that should be said.  First, there are some polls that suggest that Sanders is more electable than Clinton.

Another poll this week, a Quinnipiac University survey, also showed Sanders and Clinton do comparable against Republicans.

National polls such as this long before an election have limited meaning, but seeing Sanders consistently doing as well as or better than Clinton against Republicans does suggest that there is no truth to the argument that Clinton is more electable.

ElectionThe truth is Hillary is a weak opponent.  Heck, there is a poll out there that indicates that she could possibly lose to Ben Carson.  Yes, the Ben Carson who doesn’t believe that the Egyptians built the pyramids to be tombs for their Pharaoh.  The same Ben Carson who did commercials for a product and claimed no association with it.  Let’s not forget about the fact that this guy does not have any qualifications that would indicate he is suitable for the job.

Here is a fact.  Conservatives outnumber liberals by a significant number.  In order for the Democrats to have a chance at winning, they must have the support of us “dirty” independent centrists.  The way that the DNC and the liberal media have rigged the process, that is most likely not going to happen.

While playing the victim, smearing opponents, and marginalizing challengers might win the nomination.  They will not help in the general election.  There is only so much that the liberal media can do to influence the election.  Social justice warriors certainly won’t save the day.

I can’t honestly say that Sanders is the person to beat the Republicans but if the process is not fair and conducted in an unbiased manner, she will not be the person to do it.

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