Texan toilet politics

On Tuesday, the voters of Huston Texas voted on an ordinance to protect members of the LGBT community from discrimination.  It was soundly defeated by the opposition that pointed out a small problem with it…

But when that same proposal came before the electorate on Tuesday, it lost out to an opposition campaign armed with a startlingly simple message: “No men in women’s bathrooms.” Opponents led 61 to 39, with 66 percent of the precincts reporting on Tuesday night.

Yes, that is right.  The day was won (or lost depending on you beliefs) on pointing out that the ordinance would have allowed men dressed as women to use women’s restrooms.  Of course, the social justice warriors are not going to have any of that…

It’s not hard to see how these fear-mongering tactics, false and demonizing as they were, dominated the struggle.

Of course, if anyone disagrees with the SJW, they are just transphobic.  Then again, we are talking about people that want to force people (at gunpoint if necessary) to accept something that is not grounded in reality.

Here is the deal.  A person can be transgender if they want.  That is their right to do so.  However, a transgender person’s rights end when another person’s rights begin.

Women do not want men in their restrooms or showers (men don’t seem to mind the vice versa).  Having a man, irregardless of being transgender or not, in a women’s  restroom or shower is not welcomed.  To force women to accept men in their restrooms and showers is a violation of their rights.

Frankly, I am surprised that feminists are not opposed to this.  After all, to them, all men are just potential abusers and rapists that have not acted on their impulses yet (yes, this is hyperbole).  I guess that goes by the wayside when it comes to the agenda.

For future reference, when attempting to protect the rights of one group, make sure that the rights of other groups are not being violated.

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