Ben Carson: no pardon for Snowden

In his book, Ben Carson gave praise to people like Snowden who revealed our government’s unlawful surveillance.  However, when he was asked if he would pardon Snowden, he sang a different tune.

When ThinkProgress asked Carson during a book signing on Tuesday outside of Tampa whether he would be open to pardoning Snowden, he replied: “It would set a very bad precedent. There are appropriate ways to reveal things, and that was an inappropriate way, because it jeopardized our country.”

So despite, the overall good that Snowden did, Carson believes that he should be punished.  Never mind the fact that whistle blower protections did not apply to Snowden.  Never mind the fact that the appropriate ways of revealing government usually results in the person being arrested and detained.  Never mind the fact that Obama is arguably the worst president in terms of punishing whistle blowers.

What was Snowden supposed to do?  Allow the government to continue to violate our rights or to allow himself to be subject to detention and torture (see what happened to Bradly Manning as an example)?

I have to wonder if there is a hidden reason why Carson would not want to pardon Snowden.  Could it be that he agrees with what the NSA was doing and that he intends to continue the programs under an increased veil of secrecy?

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