Bad apple in blue gets away with murder

In Pennsylvania, a police officer shot a man who was face down on the ground.  After a trial, the jury acquitted the police officer.

On Thursday, a jury acquitted Officer Lisa Mearkle for shooting David Kassick in Pennsylvania, who was pulled over for an expired inspection sticker. The same day, video of the deadly encounter was released by the local D.A., showing Kassick face down on the ground and obeying Mearkle’s orders before being shot twice.

LawEnforcementIf you have not watched the video, you should as it quite revealing.  It boggles the mind as to why the jury did not convict the officer.  Kassick was clearly on the groud with his hands visible.

What we know if that the officer pulled over the Kassick for an expired sticker on his car.  He fled the scene, the officer chased him, he was tazed by the officer, and eventually shot twice.

The officer’s explanation was she thought that he reached for something in his pocket.  While it does appear that there were a couple times where it appeared that Kassick reached for something, there are a couple of problems with this explanation.

First, those times when Kassick  appeared to reach for something was when he was still convulsing from being hit with a taser.  Second, there were many instances afterwards where the officer could clearly see that Kassick was not holding anything.  There is no way that a trained officer should have thought that he had anything in his hand.

In other words, the officer in this case murdered a helpless man and with the help of the police union, she was able to get away with it.  Contrary to Mearkle’s claim, she is not a good cop.  This is an example where the good cops need to hold their own accountable rather than condone such unacceptable behavior.  By condoning this behavior, it reinforces the idea that police are thugs and bias is a difficult thing to overcome.

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