Are religious children brats?

Recently, a study was released that studied altruism of children raised in religious households versus ones that were not.  The conclusion made by this study goes against conventional wisdom…

Academics from seven universities across the world studied Christian, Muslim and non-religious children to test the relationship between religion and morality.

They found that religious belief is a negative influence on children’s altruism.

ReligionI have a couple of thoughts on this study.  I did not see a detailed explanation of the how this study was conducted.  The basis of the methodology was that the children were given a set of stickers and told that the some of the other children would not be able to get any.  After this, I cannot find much as to what the researchers used as criteria.  As such, I am not sure if the results of the study is even valid.  On the other hand, I would be interested in see the results of any follow up studies in particular attempts to reproduce the results.

Secondly, I am surprised that members of certain religions are not crying foul in regards to this study.  This study directly contradicts what is considered conventional wisdom.  As a matter of fact, some pro-religious groups actually claim that it is not possible for non-religious people to have morals.

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