Could the Mizzou protests be a Pyrrhic victory?

ProtestsOk, I am sitting here watching news about these protests at Mizzou.  I cannot help but to wonder what the president of that university did to warrant him being fired from his job.  I know that, as a white male,  it is politically incorrect to question the actions of social justice warriors.  Still, I have to ask.

What exactly did this president do to deserve being fired?

From the reports I’ve seen, there was alleged incidents where racial epitaphs were shouted at black students and graffiti which included fecal swastikas (isn’t that really antisemitism?).  So, what am I missing?

The reason I am asking that is because this looks like the president was being blamed for the actions of others.  Is it the president’s fault that there are troglodytes on the campus?  Is the president is expected to personally decry every single act of bigotry?

It would be one thing if there was proof that the president condoned these actions.  However, no such proof was provided.  These protests did not get the president fired because they had merit.  He stepped down because if the football players did not take the field, the university stood to lose a lot of money (to the tune of $1,000,000 if I remember correctly).  Instead, the group gives the appearance of a bunch of spoiled children who are crying because their feelings got hurt.

Now that the social justice warriors got their pound of flesh, these protests are spreading to other campuses.  This will just put more of spot light on them and if they are as hollow as how the ones at Mizzou seem to be, this will not play out in their favor.

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