Another rapist gets a slap on the wrist

Just like the Brock Turner case, a story comes out of Indiana University where a student was found to have raped two students was given a lenient sentence.  John Enochs, a former student of Indiana University, was given one year of probation.  In other words, unlike Brock Turner, he will not spend any time in... Continue Reading →

Kasich calls out the media on Trump

As noted many times in the media, the Trump phenomenon has bewildered much of the establishment in both the Republican party and the media.  In a press conference with Kasich on Thursday, Kasich told it as he sees it.  When asked by reporters who he thought was responsible for Trump, he told them to look... Continue Reading →

Was Trump right to banish Washington Post?

Yesterday, Trump decided that he has had enough of the "negative coverage" about his campaign. In response, he banished Washington Post in addition to others from access to his campaign. It has not been any secret that Trump has a rocky relationship with the media both liberally biased and conservatively biased. I'm only going to... Continue Reading →

How to be an Informed Citizen and Why You Should Be

These are some useful tips for keeping up to date on current events.

Casey Hoolahan

When I began taking upper level history classes in high school I found not only a passion for the world’s narrative but for the story still being written every day in our world’s current events. The news is something many people play as background noise and take for granted, but I’ve found that by tuning in- whether online, audio, or on television- I have become more present in my own life.

It also helps to be aware of these things as voters, especially young people who will be stepping up to replace people who have the power to really change our country and the world.

I’m not asking you to read the newspaper every day (although skimming it daily wouldn’t kill you!) But instead I’m going to suggest how to incorporate getting your news through apps you already use every day!

  1. “Good Luck America”- Pete Hamby, Snapchat

So if you’ve…

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Something fishy going on at Google?

Take a look at this screenshot... Yes, it is your standard Google search with search tips.  Rather boring, it is so nice and clean.  Now take a look at this one... It is the same thing, just under Bing.  I don't know about you, but the difference is striking.  I'm not going to discuss the... Continue Reading →

Donald Trump fails to pay his bills.

Integrity is one of the key traits that we should be asking for in our leaders.  Sadly, this is lacking in most of the politicians and business leaders.  A person who does not pay his bills does not embody a person who should be leading the country. via Reports: Donald Trump stiffs contractors -

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