Yet another mass shooting in the ole US of A

15rez9In news that has become all too common, there has been another mass shooting.  This time it was in Orlando Florida by a lone gun man who had ties to terrorism and who pledge allegiance to ISIS before his rampage.  The toll of this murder spree was 50 killed and 53 injured making this the worse mass shooting on record.

Of course, the usual suspects are taking to the airwaves to let us know that they were right and the other side was wrong.  One of our presidential candidates is using the opportunity to find ways to further infringe upon our rights.  The other is using it to get congratulations for being right.  Dafuq?!?!?

When are we, as a nation, going to have a grown up and informed discussion on guns?  It is clear that the status quo is not working.  When one of these mass shootings happens, it is almost always done by someone who should not be owning guns.  In most cases, it is criminals, mentally ill individuals or, in this case, a terrorist.

One would think that if people who should not be in possession of guns are getting guns, maybe we should look into ways to mitigate that problem.  Alas, we have a political party that is invested in ensuring that ownership of guns is an absolute right.  Of course, their answer to the problem is an unimaginative, “WE NEED MORE GUNS,” as if there is not enough already.

The other side in not much better despite their willingness to do something.  Unfortunately, they always want to inject their unreasonable and unconstitutional gun control policies.  Effectively poisoning any legislation that would address these issues.

What can we do?  The only thing we can do.  Demand that our political leaders grow up and have a grown up and informed discussion on this issues.  Until that happens, we are just going to see more dead people and more finger pointing.

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